Mental Health Awareness Is Pivotal In Today’s Society

Mental Health Awareness Is Pivotal In today's Society

Mental health awareness is pivotal is controlling mental health
Mental health is a major concern when health issues are tabled today. According to Kenyan commission of human rights, 25% and 40% of outpatients and inpatients suffer from mental health conditions. Bearing this, many organizations have been in the forefront spreading mental health awareness.
Supreme council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) have not been left out in the fight against mental health. Their recent most partner being identity254 an organization that advocates for women empowerment. Under the project Mulika Jamii SUPKEM has the ability to reach out to many people under the aid of USAID.
While at identity254, it is notable to highlight that speaking out is key and crucial for our mental health and mental growth. According to Riziki Fauz a member of SUPKEM, opening up brings the mental stability that is vital for everyone’s nourishment.
“Always open up, learn to speak out, I speak a lot and anybody who speaks out becomes my friend. It brings about the serenity and the stability that is stem and vital for our growth as individuals” she said.
According her to her, speaking out about certain issues and concerns pave way for open mindedness and gives us options to pursue an issue from different perspectives.
“You can’t settle an issue if you lack an option, speaking out about it becomes an avenue for cracking it down and establishing better ways to deal with it. It gives you an opportunity to get ideas from people who have expertise on the same.”
Firdaus Salim a member of SUPKEM spoke about anger issues, while everyone is prone to anger, it’s a strength to know when and how to control our anger.
“Anger is not subjective, everyone has to be angry at one point or another, however it is important to always check ourselves, it’s more of a strength and a win” she said.
Anxiety disorder was not left out, this is the case where one feels nervous, panic or fear. Some lacks sleep time and would wake up from time to time.
“To calm anxiety disorder, it’s crucial to embrace exercise from time to time, do sit ups, do aerobics with or without instructor. Also always visit a therapist and open up, this helps reduce the anxiety by a wider margin.” Firdaus stated.
SUPKEM will help a lot of people in the society by spreading the mental health awareness program under the Mulika Jamii project.
“This is an initiative that will run for months, and we have just began. By the time we will be done most of you will have required knowledge on how and what to do when under stress, anxiety or depression. We are here to help we are here to walk this journey together.” Riziki said
Fighting against mental health should be a jointly task and not individual, it’s important to form one umbrella of togetherness under which mental health would be reduced drastically.

By Kevin Yego

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